The influencer Nicole Amato tells us about her operation

Interview of Nicole Amato and Dr Ferrari

The influencer Nicole Amato, who is a US fitness teacher and model known on social media by her handle “Bodybynixx”, decided to go for aesthetic surgery with the aim of permanently making her eyes lighter.

For that procedure, she turned to Dr Ferrari and the Neoris keratopigmentation technique, changing her eye colour from brown to Aqua blue. A cherished dream came true. She told us of her experience before and after the operation. Dr Ferrari also spoke of the procedure, which went off perfectly.

A Dream


She explained why she wanted to change the colour of her eyes: “Why did I decide to go for this operation? Well, why wouldn’t I? Everyone likes a change! I am an artist. I like to be different. My father also had beautiful blue eyes, and all he gave me was that I talk with my hands and have a bad attitude! This has been a dream for a very long time.”

After some hesitation about the choice of colour, she decided to take the advice of Dr Ferrari: “I was going to go with Riviera Blue, but Dr Ferrari showed me the Aqua colour, which is a mixture of blue and green. That is what I went with.”

She was happy to be in a good pair of hands with the inventory of the technique, Dr Ferrari.
He told us his experience of the operation: “It all went very well.
The procedure went as expected. The laser and pigment introduction worked well.”

He also spoke of the stage that follows the operation, namely treatment: “The patient has to take treatment with drops for about two months and a check-up six months after the operation. But we are in contact via the Internet anyway. I am here if there is any concern.”

Her conclusion: “I feel amazing! I am still in shock about how bright and natural the colour is. I love it! I am really very happy.”
Thanks to the Neoris technique, she was able to benefit from a safe and permanent procedure to lighten her eye colour. A new look for Nicole Amato, and a source of pleasure for her thousands of fans.




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Nicole’s journey and her feelings !

I feel amazing! I am still in shock about how bright and natural the colour is. I love it! I am really very happy.
Nicole Amato