Selecting your new eye colour

A palette of colours

You have decided to change eye colour with the help of Neoris. You now have a wide choice of colours. Shades of blue, green or brown, Neoris offers a palette of seven colours that draw upon nature, and several density levels for a result that can be muted or brighter. As the choice of colour cannot be changed, you need to take time to make your decision and perhaps get some advice.

Neoris can assist you in your choice
with the help of a simulation.
What are the available colours?

Whether your eyes are dark or light, you can select any of the colours available. Discover the range of pigments developed exclusively for Neoris in order to create sublime eyes:

Desert range

– Cinnamon: a very warm hazel tone for an extremely natural looking result
– Honey gold: a subtle hue for very bright brown eyes

Vegetal range

– Tropical green: an intense and powerful green that will illuminate your gaze
– Emerald green: this shade will give you incredibly soft greyish green eyes

Atoll range

– Aqua blue: this greenish blue is the lightest colour offered by Neoris
– Riviera blue: a very dense greyish blue that will give you an azure blue gaze

Nautical range

– Ocean blue: a magnificent light blue for a sublime look
You can also mix two colours. The idea is not to create a patchwork of colours, but to create a solid blended colour. You could also add white to a colour in order to make it more intense.
NB: for ethical reasons, Neoris does not offer a different colour for each eye. That means that the chosen colour will be applied to both eyes.
Our pigments are made in France and are approved for use in the cornea. The active substances of these medical pigments are entirely organic. They are extremely well tolerated by the eyes.

Choice of density

For each of the colours in the range offered by Neoris, you can choose an intensity level by adjusting the pigment concentration. If you are looking for a muted colour and a very natural result, you can go for low density. The pigment will be more diluted. On the other hand, if you want a stronger colour for a more intense look, you could go for high density.

What is a limbal ring?

This is a slightly darker ring around the iris. It makes the gaze look more intense. Thanks to the keratopigmentation technique developed by Neoris, a limbal ring of the required thickness can be created around the iris.

How do you select the right eye colour?

In order to help you make your choice, Neoris suggests you do a simulation. It will guide you or confirm your choice of colour as the right one for you. You could do a simulation with one or more colours and a choice of three density levels. Using a photograph of your face, our image consultant will run one or more simulations and help you choose the best colour and intensity combination for your gaze.
Thus, you will have all the facts you need to select your new look and reveal the true colour of your eyes.

La simulation Neoris vous permet de vous guider ou de vous conforter dans le choix de votre couleur.