M6 and France 2: television reports on keratopigmentation

A la carte eye colour

In January 2019, two television reports were devoted to the keratopigmentation technique developed by Dr Ferrari. The French television channel France 2 spoke of it in its nightly news programme, and another generalist French channel, M6 carried a report of the method in its midday news programme. They particularly considered two patients who wanted to change their eye colour.


A new look

France 2 spoke to Demian, an American who travelled 9000 kilometres from Los Angeles to be operated upon by Dr Ferrari, the pioneer of eye colour change operations. The patient, who always wanted to have blue eyes, was undecided because of his dark skin.

To help future patients make their choice, Neoris offers a chance to do simulations and test out the various colours on offer. That crucial stage persuaded Demian to go for an eye colour change.
After a 45-minute operation, Demian was very excited to discover his new eyes. Viewers were then introduced to Pieter, a patient from Brussels who had opted for the Neoris technique six months before and who described his new look as “brighter and more positive”.
Another patient was interviewed in the report on the Neoris technique aired by the M6 channel. Sonia, a brown-eyed young woman aged 25, decided to go for aesthetic surgery to get blue eyes. She had always wanted a lighter colour, and her dream was to have blue eyes like her mother. The procedure was carried out in Paris, in a specialist clinic. After a few days of adaptation, she says she is absolutely delighted with her new eye colour and is even thinking of a touch-up in a few months for a more intense blue hue.

45-minute procedure

The reporters also described the method itself, and explained how the pigment is injected in the cornea. An incision is made in the cornea with a laser, enabling the surgeon to create a micro-tunnel for injecting the pigment. Dr Ferrari specified that he uses medical pigment made in Marseille, which is approved for use in the cornea. Its active ingredients are organic.

Other methods can be unsafe

M6 and France 2 also mentioned the existence of other methods for changing eye colour. These are iris depigmentation and the insertion of a silicone implant, which is placed between the natural iris and the cornea. They are both extremely unsafe and are prohibited in France for that very reason.

These operations can lead to glaucoma or even blindness, unlike the keratopigmentation method, which to date has not produced any serious complication.