Complete care throughout the procedure


Do you dream of changing the colour of your eyes?

First of all, it is important that you are well-informed. For this purpose, you can ask for a complete documentation of the eye colour changing technique.

change your eye color

Careful consideration

You have received all the documentation related to the procedure. This stage is followed by the time for reflection. Before making any decision, take 15 days to carefully reconsider the information you obtained.

Are you now ready to take the final step?
Contact us again. We will put you in touch with the doctor in order to arrange an appointment.

high-end ophthalmology clinic

The surgery

On the day of the surgery, you will be welcomed in our high-end clinic. You will enjoy personalised care throughout your stay.


After the surgery

The operation doesn’t last long. The colour change is permanent. Your eyesight will be good even just after the operation and you will regain 100% normal vision the next day.

A check-up is scheduled six months after surgery.

If, after a certain time, you wish to tone down or heighten the intensity of your eye colour, you can opt for a further operation.

after the surgery - keratopigmentation

Contact us

To schedule an appointment with an eye surgeon (a keratopigmentation specialist selected and approved by Neoris), contact us using the contact form below. Our medical assistants will reply to you as soon as possible in order to organize a meeting and prepare the procedure.