A proven technique

for your eyes

Thanks to Neoris keratopigmentation, you can benefit from state-of-the-art technology to reveal the true colour of your eyes.

surgery to change eye colour

and reliable


This method of eye surgery consists of applying a pigment into the cornea via a circular micro-tunnel made with a femtosecond laser. It does not involve any permanent alteration of the internal structure of the eye or the application of any intraocular foreign object. It is, therefore, much less riskier than the placement of coloured implants which often leads to serious complications, and even less so than the depigmentation of the iris, which produces inefficient results and leads to a risk of glaucoma.

and fast


Precise and perfectly mastered by our surgeons, the surgical intervention is performed in a single one-hour session. The results are immediate. Your vision is good even immediately after the operation and it is completely normal the next day.

safest procedure to change eye color

and painless


Since 2013, Neoris keratopigmentation has been carried out several times per week. To this day, none of our patients have experienced any complications. The procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic, which is administered by putting a few drops of anaesthetic directly on the surface of the eyes.

safest procedure to change eye color

Made by experts


Neoris keratopigmentation is performed exclusively by surgeons who are members of the Neoris Alliance. They all received a keratopigmentation training from Dr. Ferrari and have all the compulsory insurances. They operate in French clinics equipped with advanced instruments which make the application of the Neoris operating protocol possible.

keratopigmentation specialist eye surgeon
Dr Francis Ferrari pioneer of aesthetic annular keratopigmentation

Dr. Francis FERRARI

Dr. Francis FERRARI is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of Strasbourg University and the University Hospital Tübingen in Germany. Since 1994, he has specialised in refractive and cataract surgery.

He is the pioneer of keratopigmentation and has been practising this procedure successfully since 2013. Today he offers his unique and invaluable experience at the service of Neoris.

Dr Francis Ferrari pioneer of aesthetic annular keratopigmentation
In my opinion, this is the safest procedure to change the eye colour, safer than laser.
Dr. Ghassan Jaber, Egyptian ophthalmologist

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