Additional choice aids


Simulation can help confirm your choice of colour and determine the intensity of your look, in line with your thoughts and state of mind.


Step 01

Choose the colour(s)

#01 Tint



Riviera blue

Blue Ocean


Honey gold

Tropical green

Emerald green

Step 02

Choose the density

Low density for a discreet look.

Medium density for a bolder look.

High density for an intense look.

The simulations are carried out by our image consultant at the


« Espace Nouvelle Vision » Clinic

6, rue de la Grande Chaumière, 75006 Paris, France

(Station Vavin – Metro 4)

Price of the simulation : 200€

You can make an appointment for a simulation :


• on Tuesdays or Wednesdays

• on the day of the consultation

• on the day of the intervention