You & your eyes

The chromatic palette

Have you always dreamt of having blue eyes? Do you want to change your look by choosing a gentle brown or an intense green as the colour of your eyes? The range of pigments developed by Neoris opens the door to a metamorphosis – to easily and safely change the colour of your eyes.

Neoris offers you a range of colours, from discrete to most intense, that are inspired by nature and adjusted to individual preferences. Whether your original colour is light or dark, the pigment covers the iris all the way to the cornea without depigmentation, permanently changing the colour of your eyes.

In order to determine the colour most suitable for your personality, as well as the desired colour intensity, Neoris offers you a simulation.

The chromatic

#01 Tint Desert




Dense and powerful, here is a hazelnut hue that inspires calmness and serenity.

Honey gold

Choose the subtle power of this warm, radiant hue.

#02 Tint Vegetal



Tropical green

Wild and lush, this intense green inspires strength and determination and draws you in to an inner journey...

Emerald green

Your rare and precious emerald green eyes are both intriguing and seductive.

   “ Life is
where the glance begins ”
Amélie Nothomb
#03 Tint Atoll




Fresh and shiny, this bright, luminous green is appealing and captivating. It beckons one to dive into your eyes.

Riviera blue

Attractive and fascinating, let yourself be seduced by the softness of a captivating gray-blue.

Ocean blue

Profound and mysterious, look into the deepness of this absolute blue.

#04 Tint Radiance




Brighten up your gaze by opting
for the addition of pure white
to the colour or colours of your choice
(only available blended with another colour).

View photos from real patients following the operation
cosmetic eye surgery


Deep inside you have always known that the true colour of your eyes is quite different than the one you were born with. Discover the colour that is within you. Tell us what you’re longing for. We will use our expertise to make your dream come true.

« Thank you for your time, dedication and for the delicate work that changes the colour of the eyes. I am very happy with the result and absolutely grateful for it »
Maria Isabel Diaz (Vienna, Austria), Neoris patient

The innovation
that reveals
your true self

Change the colour of your eyes…
to change the way you are being looked at.

If you are determined to change the way your personality is being seen, opt for keratopigmentation: a safe, fast and definitive cosmetic surgery.


Intensify your look…

The limbal ring is the dark circle that surrounds the iris. It makes the view more intense and emphasizes the beautiful colours of the iris. Apart from altering the eye colour, the Neoris technique creates a limbal ring around the iris.

The innovation
that reveals
your true self


Interested in keratopigmentation? Our ophthalmologists, members of the Neoris Alliance, are at your disposal.

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