Does the Neoris technique change eye colour permanently?

Colour stability and resorption

The results of eye colour change operation using the Neoris keratopigmentation technique are permanent. However, we regularly receive questions about colour stability. Sometimes, slight pigment resorption can be observed, leading to a reduced intensity in eye colour. That phenomenon can easily be corrected by touching up.

Why do the eyes lose colour over time?

This is a natural phenomenon, which may be heightened by extensive exposure to sunlight. The pigment is then absorbed by the cornea, and the colour tones down as a result. That happens to many of our patients.

However, it does not lead to any particular eyesight problems, pain or irritation. And some patients show no signs of resorption a year after the operation.

In any event, this is NOT a cause for concern! The result is very good, and even if the colour is a bit less intense, it will not disappear. What is more, it is highly likely that the colour will still be there fifteen to twenty years after the procedure, even without being touched up.

However since eye colour change surgery thanks to keratopigmentation from Neoris has only been in use for six years, this cannot be said with certainty.

Are some colours more liable to resorption than others?

At this time, we have not observed any link between the colour and resorption. None of the colours shows slower resorption properties than the others.


Are there any ways to limit such resorption?

There is indeed a solution for brightening the colour in order to make it more intense. This merely involves retouching. That is done by injecting a small quantity of pigment once again in order to heighten the colour density. If resorption is observed in the first six months of the operation, the first touching up procedure is free. More about prices.


When does the colour need retouching?

There is no way of predicting a retouching frequency, since resorption speeds vary depending on the patient. Some will notice it after a few weeks or months, whereas others may only observe resorption several years after the operation. Each person is different.


Many patients find that resorption makes their colour look more natural over time. The colour naturally impregnates the iris and tends to tone down, settling more evenly in the eye.

In short, even though the keratopigmentation technique leads to a permanent change in eye colour, resorption has been found in some patients. Rest assured that the process is absolutely normal and safe, but almost unavoidable and can be corrected easily.

Resorption makes the colour look more natural over time
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