About Neoris

Neoris is an exclusive surgical method of changing the eye colour.

Aesthetic annular keratogigmentation had its world premiere in 2013, when it was first performed on a patient.
It is subject to an extremely strict medical protocol. It is practised exclusively by opthalmologic surgeons who are members of the Neoris Alliance.


All the people who have seen me since the intervention are absolutely amazed by the result!
They keep on complimenting me on the choice of my new eye colour. My best friend was thrilled when she saw the result, so much so that she decided to give it a go herself!
(North Carolina, USA), Neoris patient


Description of a new method of changing the colour of the eyes. The case of aesthetic annular Keratopigmentation (AAK)

The aesthetic annular keratopigmentation is a new way of changing the colour of the eyes. The first case practised in humans shows a satisfactory aesthetic result without local or functional complications.

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Description of a new method of changing eye color: Case report of aesthetic annular keratopigmentation (AAK)

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Annular keratopigmentation (PresbyRing®) for treating presbyopia: Postmortem animal feasibility study

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A new approach to the treatment of presbyopia could also allow patients to change the eye colour. (EUROTIMES)

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The Safety and Effectiveness of a Novel Annular Keratopigmentation Method: A Case Report (KARGER)

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